1.2m: What’s powering local job markets in Namur and Grindavik

1.2 million renewable energy jobs in Europe
Source: European Energy & Climate Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete, 24 October 2016

Renewable energy projects create more jobs during installation and operation than conventional plants. Over 1.2 million jobs have already been created in Europe by the renewable energy industry and this is just the beginning…

Grindavik, Iceland: Thou shalt not waste the most precious resource

In the Icelandic Southern Peninsula, HS Orka has developed a unique business idea: a Resource Park for a society without waste. Two geothermal plants produce electricity and hot water, and excess resource streams then go to a diverse network of companies. The range of businesses in the Resource Park is incredibly varied, including the Blue Lagoon spa, cosmetics manufacturers, biotechnology companies and  aquaculture.

More than 500 jobs can be directly attributed to HS Orka’s Resource Park, in addition to other derived jobs. The park operates under the motto “Society without waste,” meaning that all the resources must be used responsibly and to their fullest extent for the benefit of the community.

Namur, Belgium: A deeply-rooted job generator

Since 1983, STUV has created 120 direct jobs and many more among its subcontractors. The company produces 15.000 wood logs or pellet stoves per year and ships over 75% of its production throughout Europe. In 2006, the company installed its production of a new 5.000m² hall in the village of Bois-de-Villers, near Namur, Belgium.

In 2008, the company expanded and built a 3.000m² Research & Development Centre and the prototype production workshop in Floreffe. STUV works with hundreds of installers who generate their own added value integrating the appliances in homes. In addition, the wood demand generated by STUV installations creates economic activities in the surrounding forests as well as the arrival of new local pellet producers and retailers.