44bn: Rusava and Swansea trigger a wave of investment

€44bn were invested in European renewable energy plants in one year – Renewables attract double the investments of fossil fuels
Source: United Nations Environment Programme, 2016

Investments made in renewable energy plants stay in Europe and help the European economy.

In 2015, 17% of global investments in renewable energy plants were in the EU. This is more than double the investments in new coal and gas plants.

The European renewable energy industry generates a turnover of €144bn annually.
Sources: UNEP, 2016; EurObserv’ER, 2015

I wish the water was warmer? Try Renewable Energy Sources for your swimming pool

Have you ever thought “I wished the water was warmer” when training at the swimming pool for the triathlon or simply for your pleasure?

Well, the city of Rusava in the Czech Republic has a public swimming pool running on solar thermal collectors to heat the water. It has been noted that this system allows savings of 40.0000 kWh per year!

Also, since new collectors have been installed in 2004, the heat pump which existed as a complementary solution hasn’t been used!

This technology reduced tremendously the energy bill of the city and allows Rusava’s citizens to enjoy swimming at a comfortable water temperature at no additional costs. What a good investment for the local administration!

Swansea, Wales – A €1.5bn clean energy investment in a pan-European supply chain

The proposed 320 MW Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon has generated a €1.5bn opportunity to invest in a local and pan-European supply chain.

In December 2016, a UK government review of tidal lagoons found that moving forward with a pathfinder lagoon is a “no regrets policy”.

The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon could be this pathfinder for the tidal lagoon industry and leverage investments worth €62bn in the UK, with significant export opportunities of European know-how globally.

To date, approximately €41m million has been spent on project development. Pension fund Prudential will be a major investor in the project, signing up to provide €120m in equity funding.